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In 1998, Dr. Vincent Felitti MD and Dr. Robert Anda MD conducted the ACES study, the largest epidemiological study of trauma ever done. By the time the study was complete, they had complied data on the relationship between early childhood adversity and adult health outcomes for nearly 1 million people. The results were astonishingly clear: the more trauma we experience as young people, the sicker we become as adults, both physically and mentally. Here’s what the study doesn’t tell us: although Felitti and Anda discovered that close to 70% of a college-educated population that could afford private insurance experienced childhood adversity, it didn’t include categories for social traumas like racism or sexism, or for ecological traumas like alienation from nature, or from societal traumas arising from lack of truth in history. If you included these traumas, 100% of us who grew up in the modern world would have an ACES score. What does this mean?

To be modern = to have trauma.

The antidote to this is two-fold. We must turn on connection and heal trauma. Dr. Nadine Burke Harris MD MPH, in her best-selling book The Deepest Well: Healing the Long-Term Effects of Childhood Adversity* identifies six required practices for healing childhood adversity:

With this plan you get Dr. Burke Harris' 7 practices to address early adversity:

-Healthy Relationships

-Mental Health




-Proper Nutrition

-Nature Connection

The FREE plan give you access to these core restorative practices, PLUS additional practices around repairing social traumas, and ecological alienation. This is a foundational toolkit of culture repair that we offer to humanity as a gift.

*pages 112-115 of Dr. Burke Harris' book discuss her work with us at her clinic in the Bayview/ Hunter's Point in San Francisco


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