Why Your Heart Should Be Telling Your Mind What to Do

Film Five of the Restorative Practices Film Series

Wherein we explore the concept most usually translated into English as 'Mindfulness.' In this film, we deeply explore what most people think of as mindful awareness. We'll explore what it means to center our awareness in our heart, what it means to open our heart, to speak from our heart, and to clean our hearts. We'll explore non-cognitive ways of knowing that connect us to ancestral traditions of awareness based in a felt relationship with ourselves, one another, and the living world.

Learning Objectives

  1. Participants conceptualize what 'heartfulness' is and means to them
  2. Participants understand that heartfulness can be directed inwards (traditional mindfulness practices) or relationally (relational mindfulness) or towards the living world (nature awareness).


  1. Participants demonstrate a felt understanding of the mindbody connection
  2. Participants directly experience the present-moment relationship between thoughts, emotions, and bodily states.


  1. Where, in your life, are you already heartful?
  2. What practices would you like to engage in to deepen your experience of heartfulness in yourself, and in your relationships?

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