A film series about the art and science of mindfully awakening connection and wellbeing.

Only accessible to participants in the Restorative Practices model.

Featuring the work of Dr. Nadine Burke Harris MD MPH, Dr. Stephen Porges PhD, Dr. Darcia Narvaez PhD, Dr. Vincent Felitti MD, Lee Mun Wah, John Stokes, Jon Young.


A Visual Dissertation.

At the heart of our deep learning platform is a multi-part film series: Applied Mindfulness founder Gabriel Kram’s visual dissertation. He says, “In my life I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work with truly remarkable mentors in medicine, neurophysiology, mindfulness, deep nature awareness, and diversity equity and inclusion work. I set out to write a book that synthesized 25 years of study into a single volume. I wanted to interview everybody in person, in a place where they were totally at ease, so I could sit with them, and watch their body language, and feel and hear their tone of voice. I wanted to sit in a silent place, in a room in the middle of a forest, with a wood-burning stove crackling in the background.”


In the most beautiful room in the world.

“Immediately I thought of this room. It’s a place where there’s a quality of concentration in deep nature that illuminates every word you speak against this backdrop of total silence. And then a light went on for me, and I realized- It will be so much more powerful if you film this. That was when we reached out to Camilla (documentary film advisor Camilla Rockwell, with a decade of experience as a producer and director for documentary filmmaker Ken Burns at Florentine Films) and went, How do we do this?” Our set is a fifty year old room in a Zen monastery, handbuilt with Japanese joinery, in the heart of a redwood forest. We discovered after filming our first two films that it has hosted inter-faith dialogs for forty years, which seems appropriate.


Keeping it real.

We aren’t actors. This is a series about human beings, struggling to build the tools and practices of connection to actually relate- across difference, across distance, hundreds of years of systematized disconnection. We aren’t reading scripts. What you are watching is real. Every film in the series was shot in one take. That’s why the credits say, “Spoken and directed by…” All of these were filmed with a live, intimate studio audience (although you can’t always seem them.)

The film series delivers the deep theoretical content that drives discussion in the in-person sessions, and builds necessary understanding and skills, but optimizes our precious face-to-face time by giving us a way to teach deep concepts before people come together. You can see excerpts from the film series here.