Our Global Hearthquarters

is on a ten acre nature preserve in a pristine Old Growth Douglas Fir forest deep in the Nicasio watershed in the Bay Area of Northern California, about 45 minutes North of San Francisco.

We've been here for two and a half years, and are now offering live face-to-face outdoor classes.

After searching for a venue for several years, we discovered this land. We spent the entire first year clearing deadwood. We completed our first building, a film studio with a twenty foot by twelve foot open wall, in April 2022. We have recently built a teahouse and small retreat cabin. We have brought in fiber-optic internet, and are completely off-grid. We are re-building the well. It has 3 outdoor classrooms: one that seats 7, one that seats 13, and one that seats 45. It is situated within a 1,500 acre former sheep ranch. We have access to miles and miles of fireroads and trials, as well as access to nearly seven hundred acres of adjacent property that is pristine forest.

This is part of the library in our film studio.

We built everything by hand (including the building).

In the center of the North meadow is a sculpture we have built from salvaged redwood trees that holds the village fireplace. (The Hearth, yo.)

If you find yourself in the Bay Area, come join us for a cup of tea.