Ancestral future analog apps


We designed the deep learning platform to work interactively with our book, and the Official Polyvagal poster as analog apps. With a free QR code reader on your phone, you can visit any practice in the book, or neural platform on the poster, and directly link to the corresponding video(s) on the deep learning platform.

We love actual reality and Indigenous Intelligence. Real people, hugs, handshakes, face-to-face conversations, campfires, circles in the forest. The smell of books. We created the deep learning platform to bring our innovative and fantastically effective clinical applications of Polyvagal Theory and Connection Phenomenology to a global audience with nearly zero ecological impact, but our tilt is always toward real people and analog experiences.

So from the beginning, we designed the learning platform to be something that you engage with others, and the apps to be analog.

At present, there are two analog apps to the learning platform:

Our book: Restorative Practices of Wellbeing

And the Interactive version of the Official Polyvagal Poster that we created with Dr. Stephen Porges, PhD, Developer of the Polyvagal Theory

How It Works

How It Works


Purchase either the book or the poster.


Purchase a subscription to the deep learning platform. If you are doing this for yourself, you'll want an individual subscription. If you are a wellness professional interested in using the deep learning platform with clients, you will want to become a certified curator on the platform. You can learn about that here. Once you've signed up for a complimentary curation intro, just send us an email asking to test-drive the platform.


Once you've got the book or the poster, and a subscription, download a free QR code reader onto your phone. You can find one of these in the app store, or the Android store.


Log into the deep learning platform on your phone by visiting, and scrolling down to the bottom of the homepage, or visiting the LOGIN page in the navigation menu at the upper left. Enter your log-in email and password. Once you are logged in, you'll be taken to MY DASHBOARD.


Go back to the QR code reader. Now point your phone at any QR code in the book, or on the poster. That's it. You will be taken directly to that practice (with the book) or the category of practices that respond to that neural platform (on the poster.)


Wellness isn't something that your doctor can give you, or that you receive sitting on a couch. Wellness is a fabric of connection that you weave into your life. It is an on-going process and result of settling your nervous system into a baseline of connection. Wellness is a FELT QUALITY that emerges when we feel safe enough in our bodies to open our hearts to connection. Our work is situated at the confluence of the most ancient ancestral awareness traditions, and the most cutting-edge neurophysiology, which teach us the same thing: wellness arises spontaneously when we activate the root drivers of connection and remove what is getting in their way. This work is always a twin process of turning on connection, and remediating distress. It is more important now than ever. And turning on connection is very hard to do alone, because connection happens in relationship. So come join us–your friendly global ancestral neurotechnology cooperative and culture repair engine–and come home to yourself. Here's to your wellness!