Humanity is facing an unprecedented meta-crisis of our own creation as a result of deviation from the Original Instructions to live in respectful reciprocal relationship with ourselves, one another, and the Living World. The mindsets, knowledge systems, governance, and exchange mechanisms that engendered this deviation are not equipped to repair it.

Whereas the Earth is alive, in her infinite abilities she will continue to generate the circumstances required to force humanity to evolve or perish. Both the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change are manifestations of this forcing.

Our evolution will only happen through re-embodying the principle of the Other as Self. This is known in various cultures as inter-ĂȘtre (French), ubuntu (Nguni Bantu), kapwa (Filipino), Aang Waan (Unangan Tunuu).

We must regenerate a climate that is equitable and infinitely regenerative, as Nature is. This climate must be ecological, sociological, and interior.

Complex non-linear system dynamics suggest that change requires alignment of only a small percentage of a total population to lever systemic effects if pressure is applied at key inflection points.

The Restorative Practices Alliance is a global immunological organism collectively dreamed to harness and organize

1. Catalyze healing: evidence-based self and community care

2. Re-Imagine how we are to live in harmony with all that is

3. Organize a globally distributed and locally empowered network of Bodies of Knowledge with the wisdom architecture required to survive and effectuate systemic change

4. Exchange vital resources locally, regionally, and globally

Join us.