We partner with multiple bottom line organizations that are truly serious about wellbeing and service.

A 3-minute welcome video for organizations

Our research and intervention models are based on work with more than 40 advisors in 20 disciplines of wellbeing across 18 cultures with over 1,000 years of experience

Our practice library was crowd-sourced from 5,000 people. Our interventions have been tested with well over 10,000 people. We have been asked to train 1,000,000 people in a single organization.

We have developed a set of best-in-class proprietary assessment technologies that measure things other wellness firms don’t even begin to understand. Literally. (They come from 18 languages and cultures including the two oldest continuous cultures on earth*)

*This would be the San culture of the Kalahari, with a documented oral history of more than 100,000 years, and the Aborigial Australian culture, with a documented oral history of more than 55,000 years.

We have created what may be the world's most sophisticated training system for your Autonomic Nervous System.

We have created an extraordinary series of training films.

Our faculty and advisors (who teach and consult) are world-renowned. A number of them are the acknowledged world's leading experts in their respective fields.

We develop and deploy fully customizable, scalable, technology-ennabled wellness platforms, driven by our content, curated by our faculty, for your organization.