An Indigenous Lifeways Pathway

This is a pathway in Indigenous Lifeways, with several of our Indigenous mentors. It is designed to help you feel and align with an earth-based Indigenous worldview.

Your instructors: Kuuyux Ilarion Merculieff is President of the Global Center for Indigenous Leadership & Lifeways. For fifty years he has been bringing Indigenous Wisdom to the modern world. Alika Atay is a Hawa'iian Indigenous Natural Farmer affiliated with HINA (Hawa'iian Indigenous Natural Agriculture).

In this first film, Ilarion speaks about his traditional upbringing among the Unangan people in the Pribiloff Islands of the Bering Sea.

The Unangan Way with Ilarion Merculieff

62 minutes

In the second film, Ilarion speaks of the qualities that create a 'real human being'.

Becoming a Real Human Being with Ilarion Merculieff

50 minutes

In the third film, Alika speaks of the spiritual relationship that Indigenous Hawa'iians have with the 'Aina' (translated as land, but really, 'That Which Feeds Us.'.

Hawa'iian Indigenous Natural Farming with Alika Atay

62 minutes

Our goals so far in this pathway are to:

  • help you experience and understand an Indigenous worldview, as it relates to child-rearing, parenting, relationship with Self, Others, and Nature
  • help you experience and understand the qualities that Indigenous cultures tend to prize in human beings
  • help you feel and experience more connection with Place/ Land/ That Which Feeds Us
  • develop and strengthen your earth-based pace, ancestral connections, and connection to place

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