A Healthy Relationships Pathway

This is a pathway to help you build healthy relationships. In modernity, where so many of us are raised by people who have experienced inter-generational trauma, and where we ourselves have been traumatized, many of us don't have good modelling for healthy relationships. In this pathway, we'll explore how to create relationships focused on developing an atmosphere of safety, which is what is required for our Connection Systems to come fully online, and to optimize our wellbeing.

Your instructor: Dr. David Mars, PhD, is a pioneering couples therapist with nearly 50 years of experience working therapeutically with couples. His transformative couples therapy unites attachment-oriented therapies with a neurophysiological lens informed by Polyvagal Theory, helping shift couples out of habitual defensive reactions and into creating climates of safety and connection. With Gabriel Kram, and Tiara Maldonaldo.

In this first film, Dr. David Mars PhD explains how and why he developed transformative couples therapy, and then how we go about the work of creating healthier relationships.

Healthy Relationships with Dr. David Mars, PhD

63 minutes

Now we move into practice. This next film is about the practice of reflective listening.

Reflective Listening

12 minutes

Now we bring our inquiry to places where people tend to get stuck and communication breaks down.

Common Ways of Disconnecting

15 minutes

Now we bring our inquiry to mutual accompaniment: this concept of being with. This mode of psycho-social accompaniment has been deeply explored by many people, including our mentor Professor Mary Watkins.

Mutual Accompaniment

20 minutes

Our goals so far in this pathway are to:

  • help you conceptualize relationships grounded in the creation of mutual safety and connection
  • develop skills of self-awareness, communication, and relating that support creating healthy, safe, and connected relationships
  • practice communicating in healthy ways, specifically by learning reflective listening
  • practice dismantling disconnective and defensive habits of speech and body
  • explore how to attune to any accompany someone

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