What People are Saying

“This work feels like a foundational piece of wellness and overall health that I feel has long been missing from the medical conversation. I love how it is based in the science of how we function- it is very practical, very direct. I’ve witnessed its effectiveness with my patients. These are places that I don’t think traditional medicine or mental health has succeeded in reaching, and I find this work extremely inspiring and hopeful in its implications for healing.”

— Dr. Nadine Burke Harris MD MPH, First Surgeon General of California

“This is the most transformative and useful training I’ve ever experienced.”

— Participant, Oakland California

“I’m not even sure how to talk about the healing I experienced in ordinary language. There was a point in the training when the facilitator said, “Safety is the medicine.” To actually feel totally safe with a group of people who just several hours before were strangers? Things happened in my body when we were practicing together that I’ve never experienced before. At the end of the second day I felt more relaxed and settled than I’ve ever felt. Unbelievable.”

— Participant, Pilot #2, Oakland California

“This is the best self-care training that I’ve ever taken.”

— Participant, San Francisco California


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