Deep Watering

The best way for us to introduce you to our work is for you to experience it.

Join Natureza Gabriel Kram, Founder of Applied Mindfulness, Inc., Co-Convener and Principal Architect of the Restorative Practices Alliance, Developer of the Official Polyvagal Poster (with Dr. Stephen Porges, PhD), and author of Restorative Practices of Wellbeing, for a 90-minute immersion in self-care for wellness professionals, utilizing the Restorative Practices Deep Learning platform.

In his career, Gabriel has led over 1,500 trainings for wellness professionals. This training is designed to center a Polyvagally-Informed approach to self-care and resilience. It will blend mindfulness, neurophysiology, small group practice, mindful listening, and customized practice.

While there is no cost for the training, because we've seen lots of folks sign up for this, and not attend, we are charging $49 to hold your place. When you show up for the training, this $49 will purchase a hardcover copy of our book, Restorative Practices of Wellbeing, which will be mailed to you immediately after the date of the training. If you don't show up, we'll keep the $49.

The Ancestral Future of Medicine and Mental Health

This work feels like a foundational piece of wellness and overall health that I feel has long been missing from the medical conversation. I love how it is based in the science of how we function- it is very practical, very direct. I’ve witnessed its effectiveness with my patients. These are places that I don’t think traditional medicine or mental health has succeeded in reaching, and I find this work extremely inspiring and hopeful in its implications for healing.

— Dr. Nadine Burke Harris MD MPH, former First Surgeon General of California

[Working with the Restorative Practices Learning platform] more transformation took place in one session than in all of the work I've done with this client in the past year. This changes everything.

— Kristen Shuman, Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Restorative Practices Alliance Curator

I use the tools that we are learning in Restorative Practices every single day. With myself. With my family. With my clients. Everybody. Every day.

— Amy Keala, Participant, Restorative Practices Alliance Community of Practice

I'm not even sure how to talk about the healing I experienced in ordinary language. Things happened in my body when we were practicing together that I've never experienced before. At the end of the second day I felt more relaxed and settled than I've ever felt. Unbelievable.

— Participant, Restorative Practices Training