For 99% of human history, the way that we lived was all about connection.

In the 2 million years that humans have been on the planet, the entire foundation of culture was oriented towards optimizing human development and wellbeing by creating a context where we could deeply connect with ourselves, one another, and the living world. At an existential level, as deep nature connection teacher Jon Young explains, the role of culture is to connect. At a physiological level, this profound orientation towards connection brings online and stabilizes our Connection System, the physiological system responsible for wellbeing. Yet our modern medical and mental health approaches have emerged from a profoundly disconnected worldview, so they treat individuals in isolation, they treat the mind and body as if there were separate, don’t address the heirarchizing of humans, and don’t address our separation from nature.


To heal we have to come together. Inside of ourselves, and with one another and the living world.

We are standing on the threshold of a profound revolution in wellness, heralded by the burgeoning mindful awareness movement, breath-taking advances in applied neurophysiology (centrally arising from the Polyvagal Theory), an awakening in science and medicine to the wisdom of indigenous and ancestral cultural and healing practices, and the emergence of new liberatory psychologies. Restorative Practices is a collaborative healing model emerging from the synthesis of ground-breaking work in mindful awareness, neurophysiology, trauma healing, somatic awareness, relational mindfulness, indigenous practices, psychologies of liberation, restorative justice, and work in diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our advisors are world-renowned pioneers in their respective fields.

Our mission is to re-unite the human family with themselves, one another, and the living world. As that happens, dis-ease falls away.