Our proprietary Assessment is designed to measure the stability and strength of your Connection System, which is the physiological basis of wellbeing and resilience, and identify patterns of disconnection and dysregulated autonomic nervous system states. It is not a diagnostic examination, but rather an invitation to explore your own sense of awareness and connection. This assessment compiles information informed by several other psychometric instruments including Dr. Stephen Porges PhDs (our advisor) Body Perception Questionnaire, Dr. Vincent Felitti MD (our mentor) Adverse Chilhood Experiences (ACES) questionnaire, Dr. David Black PhDs Applied Mindfulness Process scale, and Dr Beth Hudnall Stamm, PhDs Professional Quality of Life scale (ProQOL).

Based on your answers to the connection assessment, we can identify particular restorative tools and practices from our database of 350+ that are most likely to be most supportive to your wellbeing. These might be internal practices: meditative, somatic, emotional, movement, sensory, kinesthetic. They might be relational practices: communication, listening, relating across differences, council, etc. They might be nature-based: tracking, learning bird language (yes, that’s a real thing and most wild animals understand it except you), forest bathing, surfing, etc. We’ll also recommend practices that address the particular ways your nervous system gets out of balance when it does…do you tend to get confrontational and combative when stressed? Anxious? Paralyzed and overwhelmed? Each of these responses indicates that something different is happening in your threat response system, and each has different antidotes.



2) In-person meetings