In-person meetings

In-person meetings


Since the dawn of time, humans have been gathering in circles around the fire.

At the heart of the Restorative Practices model is a bi-monthly in-person meeting, face-to-face, with the same group of 10-18 people, expertly facilitated by 2 trained facilitators. You will be with this same group of people for about six months.

From the time that we are born, our ability to thrive is directly related to the quality of human relational and ecological contact that we receive. This contact, when safe, stable, and attuned, brings online and stabilizes connection physiology, which are the biological systems that undergird wellness. Our modern culture is characterized by an accelerating and catastrophic deviation from these ancestral baselines. The route to re-igniting them is through connection. For this reason, the Restorative Practices model is based on an expertly facilitated community cohort, a small group designed to create safety, authenticity, and deep learning.

When you feel safe- bottom up- from the deepest oldest parts of your nervous system, healing possibilities spontaneously emerge. Much of the story of modern medicine and mental health mirrors the isolation we experience in mainstream culture at large. Social traumas, which constitute a large part of the lived experience of people whose positionalities are not centered are not even diagnostically classified in the DSM-V. There is no Racism Trauma Disorder, no Sexism Trauma Disorder– because we don’t even have conceptual categories for what this means. In community, through authentic sharing and a deep co-learning process, we can leverage our different perspectives to mutually enhance our shared understanding and move towards relational transformational processes. The cohort model has emerged from thousands of trainings, deep study of safety, neurophysiology, trauma healing, somatic and emotional awareness, and liberation psychologies. You will complete the training with new friends.

At the end of the process, you will have a multi-cultural group with deep authentic connections, who have spoken deeply and candidly about things you may never have spoken to anyone about before. Our goal is this group to stay connected into the future. Our hope is that you continue to gather.


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