Come home to yourself.

The Restorative Practices Learning Platform is a unique cloud-based learning system designed to turn on your Connection System: the fountain of wellbeing.

It was crowdsourced from nearly 5,000 wellness professionals, and has been tested with nearly 15,000 clients.

We built every single thing on the platform from scratch, from the ground up, to empower YOU with a completely personalized experience. Because you aren’t like anyone else.

Based on the body, family, culture, society, time, and place you were born into, how you were raised, what did or didn’t happen, how you made sense of it, all the experiences you’ve had, your neurodevelopment has proceeded uniquely.

Tour the Learning Platform

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The platform meets you where you are.

It uses a Polyvagally-informed approach to map your stress response styles.

It uses a strengths-based Connection Assessment to map your Connection strengths.

And then it directs you toward the specific learnings, mindsets, and practices best suited to support your wellbeing.

These take the form of educational films and neural exercises.

You do all this with a partner, a guide, or a group.

Have you noticed that what we call healthcare is actually sick care? That what we call mental health is actually mental illness? That what we call life insurance is actually death insurance?


is not something that comes to you in a doctor’s office, or sitting on a couch–wellness is a fabric of connection that you weave into your life. It is an on-going process and result of settling your nervous system into a baseline of connection. It is a process of meaning-making, of transforming habits, of building relationship with yourself, Others, and the Living World.

It is a FELT QUALITY that emerges when we feel safe enough in our bodies to open our hearts to connection. Our work is situated at the confluence of the most ancient ancestral awareness traditions, and the most cutting-edge neurophysiology, which teach us the same thing: wellness arises when we feel safe enough to open our hearts to connection. This work is always a twin process of decreasing distress, and turning on connection. And this is very hard to do alone, because connection happens in relationship.