A Foundations of Mindful Awareness Pathway

This is a pathway to help you build the foundations of mindful awareness. In our work, because in modernity the mind is so often associated with the brain, and the qualities of mindfulness that we wish to cultivate are often associated with the heart, we refer to this as heartfulness.

Your instructor: Natureza Gabriel Kram is the Founder of Applied Mindfulness, Inc., a connection phenomenologist, and a pioneer in Polyvagally-informed mindfulness. He has led over 1,200 mindfulness trainings globally.

Heartfulness: Or Why Your Heart Should be Telling Your Mind What to Do

93 minutes

Now we move into practice. This next film is a polyvagally-informed mindfulness practice.

Polyvagally-informed Mindfulness Practice

24 minutes

Now we move our practice outdoors.

Meditate in Nature

35 minutes

Our goals so far in this pathway are to:

  • help you understand the foundations of mindful awareness, and the movement from being centered in cognition, to being centered in your heart
  • develop the practical skills of being able to place, steady, and bring back your attention
  • have the opportunity to practice a variety of traditional meditative techniques that are informed by Polyvagal Theory

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