Restorative Practices is a (r)evolutionary wellness model.


Stress is the new normal. It doesn’t have to be.

Most modern people have become base-lined in a stress response because the way we are living undermines the root of physiological wellbeing.

To feel well physically, emotionally, and mentally, we need healthy connection with 3 things:

ourselves, one another, and the living world


Modern medicine and mental health approaches treat people in isolation for symptoms that arise from a breakdown of connection.

This doesn’t make sense.

Restorative Practices is a cutting-edge personalized approach to transforming health, based on cutting-edge neurophysiology and ancient ancestral awareness practices.

It turns on and stabilizes people’s connection systems: the physiological root of wellbeing.

grounding copy.jpg

a solution in

3 parts:


in-person meetings

e-learning platform

“This work feels like a foundational piece of wellness and overall health that I feel has long been missing from the medical conversation. I love how it is based in the science of how we function- it is very practical, very direct. I’ve witnessed its effectiveness with my patients. These are places that I don’t think traditional medicine or mental health has succeeded in reaching, and I find this work extremely inspiring and hopeful in its implications for healing.”

— Dr. Nadine Burke Harris MD MPH FAAP, First Surgeon General of California

and author of The Deepest Well: Healing the Long-Term Effects of Childhood Adversity (see pages 112-115 for a description of our work at Dr. Burke Harris’ clinic)

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We are now enrolling cohorts in the Bay Area of California, and pre-enrolling cohorts in Maui (Hawa’ii) and Seattle (Washington). For more information click here. For all other inquires related to the model, contact us.