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"The ancestral future of medicine and mental health."

"A perfect marriage of Polyvagal Theory and ancestral awareness...A practical, polyvagally-informed guidebook to turning on and sustaining the root drivers of wellbeing in uncertain times."

As featured in Psychology Today, Natural Solutions, MindBody Green.

"Restorative Practices is a remarkable book..." – Dr. Stephen Porges, PhD, Developer of the Polyvagal Theory

"Restorative Practices is an excellent guide to wholeness and wellbeing that is greatly needed today. I encourage people of all walks of life to read this book." – Kuuyux Ilarion Merculieff, Unangan Elder, President of the Global Center for Indigenous Leadership and Lifeways

  • Autum Romano
    Somehow you've created a ventral vagal space in a computer. Wow!
    Autum Romano
    Author of Body Wisdom and the Polyvagal Theory
  • Like Masterclass on ayahuasca.
    Restorative Practices Deep Learning Platform
  • Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, MD, MPH, FAAP
    This work feels like a foundational piece of wellness and overall health that I feel has long been missing from the medical conversation. I love how it is based in the science of how we function- it is very practical, very direct. I’ve witnessed its effectiveness with my patients. These are places that I don’t think traditional medicine or mental health has succeeded in reaching, and I find this work extremely inspiring and hopeful in its implications for healing.
    Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, MD, MPH, FAAP
    First Surgeon General of California
  • Amy Keala
    I use the tools we are learning in Restorative Practices every single day. With myself, with my family, with my clients. Everybody. Every day.
    Amy Keala
    Participant, Restorative Practices cohort
  • Participant
    I’m not even sure how to talk about the healing I experienced in ordinary language. Things happened in my body when we were practicing together that I’ve never experienced before. At the end of the second day I felt more relaxed and settled than I’ve ever felt. Unbelievable.
    Restorative Practices Training
  • Anna Minsky, Mental Health Professional
    The Restorative Practices training has been exactly what I’m looking for in the next step of personal and professional development. The ways in which neuroscience, direct practice, systems thinking, nature connection, and self-exploration are woven together has made room for me to be more skilled, present, and nuanced in my work and in my life.
    Anna Minsky, Mental Health Professional
    Restorative Practices Cohort Participant
  • Dr. Drew Factor, MD
    The Restorative Practices program challenged me in ways which were both 'eye-opening' and 'heart-opening'. I learned a tremendous amount about the essential qualities of being connected to myself and the participants, and the difficulties of doing so with ease. Despite these challenges, I felt 100% supported by the wisdom of the participants and the skills of the facilitators. This course is not for the faint of heart, though it will surprise you with the growth potential that you didn’t think possible.
    Dr. Drew Factor, MD
    Restorative Practices Cohort Participant
  • Dr. Samata Vasisht
    After years of facilitating leadership groups for resilience and wellbeing with my background in holistic wellbeing, I was completely blown away with the heart and spirit of this cohort/community in Restorative Practices.I was longing to meet real people who have real conversations about real things in the real world. I noticed my own armour/mask dissolving and I recovered huge chunks of my own heart which was fragmented and numbed through years of protection from covert discrimination and injustice which I had accepted as part of my life. It was an incredibly healing experience... I notice my energy is flowing once again and am still integrating and learning. A deep bow and feeling blessed is the only appropriate response here.
    Dr. Samata Vasisht
    Restorative Practices Cohort Participant

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Stay informed about upcoming events, classes, new books, and more!