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How's the pandemic going for you? You've been wearing a mask, social distancing, doing all the right things, but how do you actually feel? Do you get the sense that you are missing something? Like maybe there's some sort of nutrient, some sort of vitamin that you were getting before that suddenly disappeared from your diet? There is. It's called connection. And it's been the foundation of human culture since humanity climbed down from the trees 2 million years ago. For 99.9% of our history, the entire role of culture was to bring online and stabilize your Connection System, which is the deep biology of wellbeing. What we've lost with modern culture, and what we've lost very rapidly with the pandemic, is this fabric of connection. Wanna get it back? You've come to the right place.

The Restorative Practices model was built by some of the leading the Connection Phenomenologists in the world. The leading connection whats? Phenomenologists. Never heard of this discipline? Watch our short film called The Origin Story. This is a discipline so ancient it hasn't been invented yet. A discipline that was so intrinsic to how healthy human cultures functioned that no one realized it was a discipline. To (re)create it, we united 40 advisors from 20 disciplines of wellbeing (and growing) across 18 cultures (and growing) to build a neuro-developmental model of wellbeing. We are an ancestral neuro-technology platform. Our expertise is in connection, and removing the obstacles that get in the way. Our core advisory team has over 823 years of experience. Yes, you read that correctly. If you are ready to sit in the driver's seat of your wellbeing, if you understand that you have to pro-actively engage your wellness, this platform can radically increase your connection assets, build your resilience, and help you remediate trauma. If you think doing all that stuff is someone else's job, you've come to the wrong place.

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"Imagine a school of well-being that builds itself around you, that literally organizes itself around your particular interests and needs. Where all of your teachers explain how everything that you are learning is connected to everything else. It’s like Masterclass on ayahuasca."

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