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Available in select locations– and now remotely...
Due to the pandemic, we've begun offering our signature model remotely for people who can't attend live sessions.

The Restorative Practices model is designed to be an immersive in-person learning experience with a cohort of 15 peers. This group is facilitated by two certified instructors, and meets together, every two weeks, for 10-12 sessions. Each session is 3 hours of in-person time, with a focus on creating safety and authentic relationships within the group. This circle, the enso, or Zen circle, is a living ancestral technology. Since our earliest human ancestors descended from the trees, we have been gathering in circles around a fire to tell stories, laugh, dance, sing, conduct ceremonies, and share wisdom. The circle is the ancestral hearth, where every member of the tribe sits equi-distant from the source of light and warmth at the center.

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In 2019 we activated a pilot site in the Bay Area of Northern California that hosted regular cohorts of the Restorative Practices model prior to COVID-19. We now host face-to-face cohorts at our eco-reserve 01 in Northern California. Remote cohorts allow us to attend to participants around the world.

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Here is the pathway to joining a cohort or facilitating

The Restorative Practices cohort model costs $3000 to change your mind.

This fee provides right livelihood for our instructors, and helps cover our organizational overhead. You will also need to maintain a membership on the learning platform. Having our book may be useful.

Consider it an investment in the future, and in your future. Generally, folks pay for this monthly over 12 months. For six months, you will be enrolled in twice-monthly facilitated group sessions. After that time, group members will have the option to continue in peer-based meetings. (Every one of our previously completed cohorts has decided, of their own accord, to do this.) In our first two Bay area cohorts, 90% of participants wanted to repeat the course.

Because we are a social justice organization, with a triple bottom line, we don't want finances to stop you from participating in the model. If you need to do this (you'll know), and money is an issue, let us know. We have work study/ trade options, and limited scholarships. In scholarships, we prioritize People of Color, Indigenous people, women, and members of other socially-marginalized groups. Someday we hope to have the resources to pay under-resources folks to participate in our groups. We know that when people have access to tools of self-care, self-awareness, and supportive community they are happier, healthier, and more productive, and that in addition to helping people access these resources because it is the right thing to do, this lowers all of our collective costs because healthy, happy people are less likely to get sick and less likely to harm others. Isn't that kind of obvious?