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The first book in the Connection Phenomenology series, Restorative Practices of Wellbeing, which is THE ANALOG APP to this learning platform, is available for pre-order. 7 x 9 inches, 148 full color illustrations, 400 pages. Book is with the printer, should ship end of December 2020.

What is an analog app, you ask? One of the fundamental questions for us, as an ancestral neuro-technology cooperative, is what exactly do we mean by technology? In our estimation, there is more technology in a humble blade of grass than in the most advanced technology companies in the world. There are certain things about the internet we love–when else in human history has the world has such profound access to transformative learning tools? There are certain things about the internet we do not love: the neuro-developmental harms of social media, or the degree to which screens, and digital technology in general is unplugging people from direct contact with their sensory environments. We also love books, in all their tactile dimensions. We decided therefore to create the app for this website as a book. What that means, practically, is that the book illustrates and describes about 300 restorative practices of wellbeing. Should you be interested in learning a particular practice, if you have a membership on the learning platform, you can point your phone at the code that accompanies each practice, and it will take you directly to the video for that practice on our website. This places you in analog sensory relationship to our work through the book, with access to our videos and assessment tools should you need them. That's what we mean by an analog app.