Restorative Practices Deep Training

Welcome to our in-depth seminar series in Restorative Practices.

These training films provide a deep-dive into the theory and practice of connection phenomenology. They will teach you an integrated conceptual framework and strategies for taking responsibility for your own well-being.

You will learn about mindful awareness, neurophysiology, deep nature connection, healthy relationships, dismantling oppression, and cultural linguistics.

You can view the films in the order they were conceived, or choose your own path and sequence based on your interests.

We hope you find them extraordinarily useful.

Why Being able to Turn on your Connection System is the Most Important Asset for your Well-Being

Understanding how the Mind-Body Connection Shapes Your Health

Why Understanding Polyvagal Theory Will Change Your Life

How to Escape the Prison of the Mind

Why Your Heart Should be Telling Your Mind What to Do

How to Talk to Everything

How to Have Healthy Relationships

How to Have a Useful Conversation about Race (for White Folk)

An Unfinished Conversation
about Race