The Restorative Practices Film Series

Welcome to the Restorative Practices Film Series.

We strongly recommend that you watch these films within the context of a community of practice. They are powerful and transformational learning tools, and we want you to be able to discuss what you are learning and be actively engaged in community. The films provide a deep-dive into the theory and practice of connection phenomenology, with many of our faculty and mentors, including Dr. Vincent Felitti MD, Dr. Stephen Porges PhD, Dr. David Mars PhD, Lee Mun Wah, Earl Simms, Tiara Maldonaldo, Doug Woodson, Ilarion Merculieff, and John Stokes. They will teach you an integrated conceptual framework and strategies for taking responsibility for your own well-being. You will learn about mindful awareness, neurophysiology, deep nature connection, healthy relationships, dismantling oppression, and cultural linguistics. If you'd like to join a learning community to study the film series, apply to

join a cohort

. We are now offering these remotely during the pandemic, so you can join from anywhere around the world. Cohorts meet for 3 hours every two weeks for 10 sessions, expertly facilitated by two of our certified faculty trainers. Afterwards they continue as a peer-facilitated group. As pandemic restrictions ease, we will begin offering them in local place-based venues, which was our original intent, where we have certified instructors, such as our eco-reserve in Northern California.

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