Come Home

After a year and a half of developing the deep learning platform, we have learned definitively that it is most successful when you have a guide, a partner, or a group you are working with. This could be a friend accompanying you, a professional curator, one of our classes, cohorts, or groups, or a group that you've put together. At the present time, we are no longer offering individual unaccompanied memberships on the learning platform because we don't want people learning alone.

If you are an individual interested in using the Restorative Practices Deep Learning Platform with a partner or small group, email us at and someone from our team will follow up with you.

If you are seeking a professional guide from our trans-disciplinary faculty of curators, go here.

If your wellness professional has invited you to create an individual membership on the learning platform to support your work with them, go here.

If you are interested in joining the learning platform as part of an organization, go here.


"This is THE next great leap forward in transformative work."

–Caroline Goodell, Participant, Restorative Practices cohort #3